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εχTEX is implemented in Java. Thus a Java runtime environment at least in version 1.5.0 is required. Java can be downloaded from java.sun.com. All other required libraries are part of the εχTEX distribution.


The sources are currently available via Subversion. See [Repository] for details.

The sources might also be contained in the installer. They can be retrieved as package Source during the installation.

Stable Release

No binaries of the release 0.1 are available yet.


Snapshots of the development are provided on a daily basis. These snapshots may not serve any purpose and may not even be complete. The snapshot is distributed in one file ExTeX-setup.jar.

To install the snapshot run Java on the the file ExTeX-setup.jar. Depending on your operating system and your installation this can be achieved by double-clicking the file or by running the following command

       java -jar ExTeX-setup.jar  

The setup program is a graphical installer. Thus a graphical system is essential. Details of the installation and its steps can be found in the User's Guide.

Subversion Browser
To browse the repository online use WebSVN
Current State
Currently the internal version 0.0 is in the repository.
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