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Here you can find some frequently asked questions – and their answers.
Is εχTEX ready for use?
εχTEX is still under development. When version 0.1 is released then you can consider it to be feature complete for the TEX compatibility mode. This means that DVI can be produced which is comparable – but not necessarily identical – to the DVI obtained from TEX.
Under which License is εχTEX distributed?
The core part of εχTEX is distributed under the LGPL. Some libraries are used by εχTEX which come with their own licences.
How is εχTEX pronounced?
The first sylable is pronounced ex as in expandable. And you know how to pronounce TEX...
How is εχTEX typeset?
Here is the (LATEX) definition of the logo for εχTEX:
  \def\ExTeX{\textrm{% Logo always with serifs
Which version of Java is required for εχTEX?
εχTEX requires Java in version 5.0 or newer. Older versions will not suffice.
Does εχTEX run under a "free" Java?
εχTEX is developed with the Sun JDK and the Eclipse system. The last time we checked εχTEX did not compile with GCJ. If anyone is willing to work on a compatibility layer this help is welcome.
Can εχTEX be used as Java component?
εχTEX has been designed with the application as library in mind. Thus interaction with the user or the environemnt are encapsulated and can be replaced. The command line interface is one example how to do it. The test driver for JUnit is also embedding εχTEX directly.

For a real application as library a texmf tree has to be present. An activity has been started in εχTEX to provide a texmf tree in the form of jar archives.

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